Chelsea Plaza

Chelsea Plaza

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This was the summer when Market decided to spend some more quality time outdoors. La Fia and Cavanaugh’s have always been reliable outdoor eating spots, but newly constructed spaces at Bardea and The Queen definitely added to the number of outdoor tables available.

And then there was the opening of Chelsea Plaza. It cut a new path from Shipley to Market, and in the process, Chelsea Tavern got itself a brand-new, nicely shaded patio area. It’s proven popular with the regulars. Maybe a little TOO popular, according to bartender Devin Harmon:

“All summer, the patio’s been a hit. I know because it’s the hardest place to clean up at the end of the night. Late night, when there’s a good weather, why would you want to be inside when you can sit outside under some fans and enjoy good weather, good breeze, and a good drink?”

And what drink do you suggest goes best with the side patio?

“You’re going to want a margarita a citrus slammer. It’s vodka, grapefruit, orange juice – a nice, refreshing, citrusy drink. And we have the front patio as well, so you can see all the liveness of Market as you eat and enjoy a beer.”

Any nights you particular enjoy working?

“There are random days where we have music in the alley as well. It’s basically a free concert, if you come on the right day. So I get to enjoy a free show while I work. I can’t complain.”