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FemINist Flea Market comes to WilmINgton

14 05

FemINist Flea Market comes to WilmINgton

Jill Althouse-Wood,


According to statistics from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, women earn between 65-75% of all the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in the United States. Yet women account for only 30% of the artists represented by commercial galleries. Female graduates of art programs run into bias when they look for opportunities whether it is publishing in art journals, showing their work, or applying for grants or fellowships. House Cat, a local management company based in Philadelphia, wants to give female artists a platform. The company is on a mission "to curate inclusive, accessible, safe space events in an effort to combat the lack of representation and exclusivity in many music and art spaces.” In 2019 House Cat has sponsored three Feminist Flea Markets in different locations throughout Philly. What is a Feminist Flea Market? It is an “all-womxm (those whose identities include, womxm, femmes, and womxn-alligned) event” where artists and participants can go to support one another through commerce and ideas. In addition, proceeds from the event go to local organizations who give needed services to women. The last two events have raised over $7,000 for Women Against Abuse and WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape).


Due to the success of the Feminist Flea Markets in Philly, The Queen reached out to House Cat, and on June 1st, they will come together to host over sixty vendors. Tickets are $4 and proceeds will benefit SARC (YWCA Delaware’s Sexual Assault Response Center) an organization that provides comprehensive, free, and confidential rape crisis services to sexual assault survivors.  


What can you expect when you go to a Feminist Flea Market? Expect quality vendors-- from vintage clothing and specialty books to ceramics, jewelry, and more. (View the full vendor list here.) Expect a safe, inclusive, and comfortable experience for LGBTQA femmes. Expect beauty—it’s art after all. Expect a space to meet-up with fellow women artists and creatives to exchange ideas. And expect fun while giving support to the YWCA Delaware and an under-represented majority in Wilmington’s art scene.


Feminist Flea Market & Craft Fair: Benefit for YWCA's SARC  
Saturday, June 1, 2019 10 AM to 4 PM
At the Queen 500 N. Market Street; Wilmington, DE
Hosted by The Queen, House Cat, and YWCA Delaware. 
Buy Tickets Online.
Co-hosted by The QueenHouse Cat, and YWCA Delaware.


  • Feminist Flea Market IN Wilmington
    Feminist Flea Market IN Wilmington