ADVANCED GEOCHROMATIC STUDIES -Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler

ADVANCED GEOCHROMATIC STUDIES Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler January 16 - May 23, 2021 OPENING…
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Saturday, January 16

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Saturday, January 16
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The Delaware Contemporary
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Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler

January 16 – May 23, 2021

OPENING EVENT: Friday, February 5, 2021 | 5 – 8 PM

As a fictive academic course, Advanced Geochromatic Studies is part of an open-ended inquiry into color and its representation in science, pseudo-science, and the spiritual. This series of improvisational compositions on handmade paper utilizes color theory, aesthetics, optics, and poetry culled from local academic institutions. These components are collaged with collected geological debris from various sites. In addition to collage, bars of linen pulp paint have been applied through stencils as a provisional color key. The arrangement of these disparate artifacts and sources becomes a metaphor for interdisciplinary study, wherein students gain proficiency in the historic and contemporary concepts of Geochromatics. As part of a larger curricular sequence, the Advanced Geochromatic Studies explores both rational and irrational applications of color in the context of historical precedence and speculative interpretation. Special emphasis is placed on geological matter as it pertains to the physicality of color.  

JULMstudios is a collaboration between Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler. Working in Brooklyn, their practice is project-based and research-intensive. They employ an art practice of pseudo bibliology through the study of books, printing & publishing. Their projects investigate the  evolving meaning of printed matter and the “sacred spaces” it occupies, always aware of the  increasingly common shift from analog to digital technologies in our day to day. 

Their work has recently been exhibited at NARS Foundation (Brooklyn, NY), The Print Center  (Philadelphia, PA), Center for Fine Print Research (Bristol, England), and SPACE Gallery  (Portland, ME). Urban and Mutchler have participated in residencies in Basel (Switzerland), Cork  (Ireland), Pittsburgh (USA), and more. Urban and Mutchler are currently Dieu Donne 2020  Workspace Residents.

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