Learn to Meditate | A Beginner’s Guide (Virtual Workshop)

Take this time to discover what meditation is, and how it can help you live…
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Sunday, April 5

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Sunday, April 5
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Join Danielle Walls for this event.
*This in person event has now been moved to a virtual format*

*We will use ZOOM to connect for this class! It will be recorded, so if you cannot attend live you will receive a link to view later*

Pre-registration required.

Take this time to discover what meditation is, and how it can help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life. And most importantly, learn how to create a simple, gentle practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine!

This class is for you if:
– You’re curious about meditation, but don’t quite know what it is or how to do it
– You’ve tried a few times, and it didn’t quite stick
– You’ve said that you want to meditate, but can’t because your mind is too busy
– You live a busy, stressful life and just want to find some peace and calm
– You’re looking to reconnect with yourself and rediscover what brings you joy
– You want to relax and connect with like minded people!

In this class you will learn:

– What is meditation?
– Different types and styles
– Benefits of meditating – physical, mental and emotional
– How meditation helps us counteract and prevent effects of daily stress
– What the Vagus nerve is and what it has to do with our wellbeing
– Common blocks/excuses and how to overcome them
– How to create a simple and comforting daily practice you look forward to
– Simple breathing techniques to use throughout your day to create moments calm

We will wrap up class with a meditation and additional time for questions!

You’ll receive a small workbook, and journal with this class.