Virtual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

Each year, Wilmington, Delaware remembers a brilliant trumpet player, unforgettable composer, and dynamic entertainer whose…
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Saturday, June 27
Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

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Saturday, June 27
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City of Wilmington
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Each year, Wilmington, Delaware remembers a brilliant trumpet player, unforgettable composer, and dynamic entertainer whose name and legacy are celebrated at the annual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. A legend – our legend – whose work offers a moment to laugh, dance, sing, eat, love and experience the ultimate joy music brings. This year, the music comes to you virtually!

Wednesday, June 24th – 7pm
Clifford Brown Jazz Festival Kickoff Celebration
w/ The Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency program and graduates

Thursday, June 25th
Arturo Stable Quartet – 7pm
Arturo Stable/Percussion
Dariel Peniazek/Guitar
John Swana, E.V.I. and Trumpet
Sandy Eldred/Bass

Sharon Sable Quintet – 8:10pm
Sharon Sable/Vocals
E. Shawn Qaissaunee/Guitar
Tim Brey/Piano
Sam Nobles/Bass
Jimmy Coleman/Drums

Cintron – 9:20pm
Edgardo Cintron/Timbales and Vocals
Gerlin “Tito Conga” Caycoya/Conga
Alex Figueroa/Bongo
Fred Martin/Piano
John Walsh/Trumpet
Don Collins/Trombone
Andy Francois/Percussion

Friday, June 26th
Gerald Chavis Quintet featuring Carol Riddick – 7pm
Gerald Chavis/Trumpet and Flugelhorn
William Murray/Woodwinds
Jeff Knoettner/Keyboards
Karl McNeill, Sr./Bass
Vernell “Dooder” Mincey/Drums

Mike Boone Quartet featuring Mekhi Boone – 8:05pm
Mike Boone/Bass
John Swana, E.V.I. and Trumpet
Tim Brey/Piano
Mekhi Boone/Drums

The Barbara Walker Story – 9:10pm
Barbara Walker/Vocals
Aaron Graves/Piano
Sammy Jones/Bass
Kyree Rasheed/Drums
Leon Jordon, Jr./Trumpet
Robert Landrum/Saxophone

Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead – 10:15pm
Jonathan Barber/Drums
Andrew Renfroe/Guitar
Taber Gable/Piano
Matt Dwonszyk/Bass

Saturday, June 27th 
Vertical Current – 3pm
Chris Stevens/Trumpet
Jon Lucas/Sax and Flute
Chartel Findlater/Vocals
Donald C. Stevens, Jr./Bass
Brandon Mullen/Drums
Dai Miyazaki/Guitar
Walt Nash, Jr./Percussion
Phillip J. Collier/Keys

Voices for Healing Ensemble – 4:05pm
Raye Jones Avery/Curator and Vocalist
Bebe Ross Coker/Spoken Word
Dara Stevens Meredith/Choreographer
Richard Raw/Word Warrior
Dennis Fortune/Piano
Clifton Kellem/Bass
Pape Demba Samb “Paco” African

Kristen Adams
Robyn Ford
Alex Hall
Tiana Jackson
Edwina Thertulien
Dominique Jones
Onyxx Noel
Trinity Bingham
Kenneth Martin

SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY Richard Raw and The Word Warrior Band
Francee Boulware/Keyboard
Randy Waters/Bass
Tierre Waters/Drums
Thomas Lamont/Guitar

Terra Soul Project – 4:55pm
Rob Swanson/Bass
Frank Strauss/Piano
Anibal Rojas/Saxophone
Jimmy Coleman/Drums

Dennis Fortune and Friends – 6pm
Dennis Fortune/Piano
Michael Cruse/Bass
Harry “Butch” Reed/Drums
Lynn Riley/Saxophone and Flute

The Whitney Project – 7:05pm
Jonathan Whitney/Drums
Joe Anderson/Trumpet-E.V.I.
Greg Riley/Woodwinds
Tom Palmer/Keys
Rob Swanson/Bass
Jea Street/Vocals
Chris Devany/Guest Percussion
Pape Demba Samb “Paco”/Guest Percussion

Korey Riker Band – 8:10pm
Korey Riker/Saxophone
Simon Martinez/Guitar
Jon L. Smith/Bass
Lionel Forrester, Jr./Drums

Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change – 9:15pm
Fostina Dixon/Woodwinds & Vocals
Todd Kilgoe/Drums
Vaughn Bratcher/Bass
Monty Pollard/Keyboards
Thomas “LaMonte” McLean/Guitar

The Jeff Bradshaw Band – 10:30pm
Jeff Bradshaw/Trombone
Brandon Young/Keys
Norwood Long/Bass
Lil Mike Nelson/Drums
Henry Tirfe/Sax