Why the World Needs Anthropology

Anthropology as a discipline grapples with a straightforward yet exceptionally complex question: What does it…
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Arden Club
Tuesday, March 15

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Tuesday, March 15

Arden Club
2126 The Highway ,
Wilmington, DE 19810

LIVE at the upper Arden Gild Hall AND via Zoom

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Speaker: Carla Guerrón Montero

Anthropology as a discipline grapples with a straightforward yet exceptionally complex question: What does it mean to be human? Due to its broad scope and holistic approach, the discipline of anthropology is particularly equipped to discover potential solutions to world problems such as climate change, migration, racial and social inequalities, the ethics of artificial intelligence and automation, among others. Why does the world need anthropology and anthropologists? Our speaker, Carla Guerrón Montero will offer some answers to this question. To do so, she will share the highlights of the book she co-edited in 2021, Why the World Needs Anthropologists (Routledge), and draw from her twenty-five-year ethnographic experiences in Latin America.

Why the World Needs Anthropologists is the Winner of the 2021 Excellence in Science Award from the Slovenian Research Agency. It is based on eight symposia organized by the Applied Anthropology Network (AAN) of the European Association of Social Anthropologists. In 2017, she was elected AAN’s US-Europe liaison.

Carla Guerrón Montero is a cultural and applied anthropologist trained in Latin America and the U.S. and specialized in the anthropology of tourism, food, and the African diaspora. Dr. Guerrón Montero is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Delaware, with joint appointments in Latin American and Iberian Studies, Africana Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. She studies the complex meanings and representations of identities among marginalized populations in modern Latin American and Caribbean nation-states in the context of tourism and gastronomy. She is also the author of From Temporary Migrants to Permanent Attractions: Tourism, Cultural Heritage, and Afro-Antillean Identities in Panama (University of Alabama Press, 2020).

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