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Orientation Hall response wall
Jill Althouse-Wood

Art museums have a reputation for being unwelcoming. Often their grandiose architecture looms with self-importance over their surrounding neighborhoods. Think about it. Just setting foot in the Philadelphia Art Museum requires that you climb a set of stairs so imposing that it has been immortalized as a professional athlete’s workout. (Are you singing the Rocky theme song yet?) And the mental workout? Sometimes you can feel like a poser if you don’t have an advanced degree in art history. I know. I have a minor in art history, and there are times when I feel daunted by a mere exhibition leaflet.


V Trap
Jill Althouse-Wood

If you are a vegan, you are used to skimming the perimeter of a menu looking for a leaf symbol or a bold-faced V to find those couple of entrees meant for you. It isn’t that you can’t find good vegan food in Wilmington, but why must its procurement feel like a treasure hunt? V-Trap Kitchen and Lounge, the new restaurant at 607 N. Lincoln Street in Wilmington’s Little Italy, turns that model of food service on its head. The entire menu is filled with vegan fare, but Ssh! you don’t have to tell your carnivorous friends. That’s the “trap” part of the restaurant’s name. The food is so healthy and addictive, it will ensnare those people in your circle who regularly dismiss the plant side of the menu.

Christine Facciolo
Content Provided by Delaware Arts INfo

The calendar may have read March 17, but nary a note of an Irish gigue was to be heard in the sanctuary of Christ Church in Greenville, Delaware.

Rather, there were plenty of bransles, courantes, bourees galliardes and voltes as Piffaro joined with viol consort Sonnambula to present “Dancers’ Delight,” a celebration of Michael Praetorius’ Terpsichore.

Mark Farner
JulieAnne Cross

The first African-American dame to be named president of any college in Delaware. Producer dame of 1981’s “Mo' Tea, Miss Ann?,” the first major musical by a Delawarean at the DuPont Playhouse as well as an off-Broadway production. Founder of 2017’s “Stellar Start Up” (as awarded by the Philadelphia Inquirer) and a NAWBO “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award-winning dame. Under the wrong circumstances, a woman would bristle at hearing the word dame, and it might not end well for a fella bandying the term about. (Merriam-Webster defines the word as “a woman of rank, station, or authority,” while recognizing that it is old-fashioned slang.)...


Landscape III by Roderick Hidalgo
Jill Althouse-Wood

When you are driving to interview an artist and the only thing you know about him is that his latest series of work is entirely black, as in… black layered on black, black poured over black, and black dotted with more black, you end up mind-diving through all the clichés. Is this guy Emo? Goth? New York City slick? Commander of the Night’s Watch? Darth frickIN’ Vader? Meeting Roderick Hidalgo in person defied all these preconceived notions. If I had to describe him in a word, it would be exuberant...