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Shakespeare Day
Content Provided by New Market Wilm

Three years ago, Delaware Shakespeare celebrated the first Shakespeare Day in front of the Grand Opera House and the crowds shut down Market. This year, the company stayed out of traffic and placed their scene inside the new Chelsea Plaza -- and to that stage, community members from throughout city came to recite lines from all 38 Shakespearean plays. (Chelsea Tavern and UDairy Creamery played their own starring roles, with Chelsea’s Joe Van Horn performing a few lines and the creamery creating a special “Winter’s Tale”-themed pear-flavored ice cream, with pear pieces and a graham swirl.)

Alisha Gay
Content Provided by New Market Wilm

Alisha Gay was a high school student studying fashion on Long Island when Rocawear called, offering her an internship at the fledgling brand. “It wasn't anything yet, except that it was Jay-Z and that was a big deal.” She answered the call  (“returning the call was key, because phone calls were big before email”) and thus began a career that took her from Rocawear to the Fashion Institute of Technology to the music video circuit to a boutique in Williamsburg to Bella Noire, her new boutique on Ninth Street, just off Market. (If you can keep up, you can follow her @bellanoireofficial on Instagram.) Alisha is a Woman of Market on the move, as she was when we caught up with her on the phone… 

Orientation Hall response wall
Jill Althouse-Wood

Art museums have a reputation for being unwelcoming. Often their grandiose architecture looms with self-importance over their surrounding neighborhoods. Think about it. Just setting foot in the Philadelphia Art Museum requires that you climb a set of stairs so imposing that it has been immortalized as a professional athlete’s workout. (Are you singing the Rocky theme song yet?) And the mental workout? Sometimes you can feel like a poser if you don’t have an advanced degree in art history. I know. I have a minor in art history, and there are times when I feel daunted by a mere exhibition leaflet.


V Trap
Jill Althouse-Wood

If you are a vegan, you are used to skimming the perimeter of a menu looking for a leaf symbol or a bold-faced V to find those couple of entrees meant for you. It isn’t that you can’t find good vegan food in Wilmington, but why must its procurement feel like a treasure hunt? V-Trap Kitchen and Lounge, the new restaurant at 607 N. Lincoln Street in Wilmington’s Little Italy, turns that model of food service on its head. The entire menu is filled with vegan fare, but Ssh! you don’t have to tell your carnivorous friends. That’s the “trap” part of the restaurant’s name. The food is so healthy and addictive, it will ensnare those people in your circle who regularly dismiss the plant side of the menu.

Christine Facciolo
Content Provided by Delaware Arts INfo

The calendar may have read March 17, but nary a note of an Irish gigue was to be heard in the sanctuary of Christ Church in Greenville, Delaware.

Rather, there were plenty of bransles, courantes, bourees galliardes and voltes as Piffaro joined with viol consort Sonnambula to present “Dancers’ Delight,” a celebration of Michael Praetorius’ Terpsichore.