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Artist Kim Klabe INspires Feelings of an Almost Human Nature

11 16

Jill Althouse-WoodThe year was 2017. As an artist and a citizen, Kim Klabe was frustrated. Living in Rehoboth, DE, she was painting flawlessly rendered oil paintings of seascapes, old beach cottages, and boats, trying...

Kim Klabe's All Revved Up with No Place to Go

Wilmington Continues to Stand IN Support of Black Lives

10 08

Jill Althouse-WoodIf you happened to be walking past Wilmington’s Federal building by the Western entrance of Peter Spencer Plaza on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 7, you would have caught a glimpse of a check-...

Morris James presents their donation to Culture Restoration, Inc.

IN the Spotlight: Erica Jones

09 14

Jill Althouse-WoodIn the space of ten minutes, three passersbys on the 200 block of West 9th Street stop to praise the mural that artist Erica Jones is in the process of painting. On a step ladder, jars of milky paint...

Erica Jones - photo by Joe del Tufo

Support Black Owned Businesses #inWilm

07 11

JulieAnne CrossFrom Wilmington’s earliest times, the hard work of Black citizens in business has led to national recognition. The perseverance of free people, even in the face of discrimination, has INspired...

Cherné Altovise - Moonloop Photography

An Evening with J.R. Martinez

09 25

Jill Althouse-WoodA pivotal scene in J.R. Martinez’s autobiography, Full of Heart, describes the moment that Martinez looked into the mirror for the first time after surviving a bomb that hit his Humvee while he was...

An Evening with J.R. Martinez

Hip-Hop, Chess, Language Arts and Math—Restoring Black Culture through Supplemental Learning

08 14

JulieAnne Cross  Literacy and math proficiency are challenges that a wide swath of students cannot overcome, despite hours a day of schooling and homework. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes...

Rich and Shah - photo by Joe del Tufo

#PhilanthropySoWhite #NonprofitsSoWhite

07 13

Arreon A. Harley-EmersonIt is certainly no secret that the philanthropy and nonprofit sector in this country is led by white men. As a Black executive director, I consider myself fortunate, as I have been successful...

Arreon A. Harley-Emerson

Quarantine Check IN: The Delaware Contemporary

06 19

Jill Althouse-WoodNothing could have prepared Wilmington businesses and nonprofits for 2020 (and we aren’t even halfway finished yet!). Some business have folded under the constraints. I was personally saddened to...

Platform Gallery at The Delaware Contemporary